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Protection for Trademarks, Patents, Trade Secrets and Against Unauthorized Dealers

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§ Payne IP Law has more than 30 years of experience in intellectual property litigation, including trademark, trade secrets, and patent litigation.   We are a national leader in protecting businesses from unauthorized dealers.  Our San Jose-based firm serves Silicon Valley but litigates nationally. Our practical approach focuses on getting to the heart of the issue, so everything is resolved quickly and cost-effectively.  Robert Payne is an AV-rated lawyer (i.e., with the highest possible rankings for quality of services and ethics).

[Trademark Dispute Resolution]

As former lead IP litigation counsel for Monster Cable, as well as for other clients, Robert Payne served as lead counsel in over 100 trademark infringement and TTAB opposition matters.  Payne has written numerous articles on intellectual property damages and related matters.

[Patent and Trade Secret Disputes Resolution]

We have many years of experience as lead counsel in over thirty patent infringement suits, including lead trial counsel in the nationally famous Philllips v. AWH Corporation case.  Robert Payne was both Chair of the Patent Litigation Committee and of the Trade Secrets Committee of the American Intellectual Property Law Association.   Through our affiliations with local and national IP litigation firms, we have substantial capacity to handle patent infringement and patent validity matters in federal court and before the PTAB.

[Unauthorized Dealer Disputes]

Robert Payne is one the leading authorities in the country on dealing with unauthorized dealers of “genuine,” new goods, through Amazon, eBay and other online outlets.  He has handled a range of disputes on behalf Monster Cable and other clients, from DMCA takedowns to federal court litigation.  See our articles on the "Publications" page.

[Business Dispute Resolution]

We have handled numerous unfair competition, business fraud, contract and employment suits for small and medium-sized businesses.  Go to this page.  

[Much Bigger Than We Look]

Too small to handle your litigation?  Nonsense.   Many cases -- even patent -- don't require multi-layered attorney attention, unless the dispute goes deep into discovery.  But when needed, we team with an AV-rated IP firm  as local counsel or simply associate counsel to ensure full capability to handle your matter, no matter how big the case is.

The question is not whether we’re too small.  It’s whether a “full service” law firm is too big.  What is the size of your dispute?  If it involves $50,000 or $5 million in damages, you may end up overspending on a larger firm and unnecessary billings, with no additional benefit.  Are you really willing to spend over $600/hour for seasoned counsel?

Too limited to help on patent prosecution or business disputes?  Uh uh.  Through our contacts in Silicon Valley, we can ensure you get top quality assistance in business advice, patent prosecution and all the litigation assistance we might need.  Our relationships with av-rated Silicon Valley patent prosecution firms ensure a seamless referral for your complete patent needs, at no extra cost.  

We are your first-stop, one-stop shop.

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